Infrastructure & Construction

June 06, 2017

USGS: oil, gas wells not impacting drinking water

BY U.S. Geological Survey A new U.S. Geological Survey study shows that unconventional oil and gas production in some areas of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas is not currently a significant source of methane or benzene to drinking water wells. READ MORE

May 30, 2017

ND government, industry meet to discuss pipeline safety

BY Patrick C. Miller Regulatory officials and industry representatives met in Bismarck last week at the request of North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum to discuss how best practices and technology can be used to improve pipeline safety in the state. READ MORE

May 30, 2017

ExxonMobil’s commitment to shale gas on display at new facility

BY Luke GeiverExxonMobil Chemical's place in the shale gas industry was strengthened this month following the completion of two new 650,000 ton per year polyethylene lines at its plastics plant in Texas. The plant will use shale gas as feedstock. READ MORE

May 23, 2017

Select Energy Services sees improvement in first quarter 2017

BY Patrick C. Miller Increases in drilling and completions and a key acquisition enabled Texas-based Select Energy Services to improve its revenues for the first quarter of 2017. The company provides water solutions for the U.S. unconventional oil and gas industry. READ MORE

May 23, 2017

Energy Transfer Partners to build Permian Express 3 pipeline

BY Patrick C. Miller Energy Transfer Partners is responding to increased production in the Permian Basin of western Texas by building the Permian Express 3 pipeline from near Midland to Nederland on the Gulf Coast. It's expected to enter service later this year. READ MORE

May 23, 2017

Delaware Basin gains another gas processing facility

BY Luke GeiverDelaware Basin oil and gas producers now have another option for processing their gas following the startup of a cryogenic natural gas processing plant in Lea County, New Mexico. Lucid Energy Group, has started up the facility. READ MORE

May 16, 2017

Senate fails to repeal BLM venting and flaring rule

BY Patrick C. Miller The U.S. Senate's failure to overturn a methane flaring and venting rule implemented by the BLM during the Obama administration drew strong criticism from oil and gas industry organizations. The Trump administration will consider revising the rule. READ MORE

May 16, 2017

Dow looking to Gulf Coast, shale gas in future investments

BY Luke GeiverDow Chemical Co. is further committing to U.S.-produced shale gas. The chemical giant recently announced investment plans for the next five years that include manufacturing expansions on the Gulf Coast and within the shale gas industry. READ MORE

May 09, 2017

Industry should prepare for conflicts with environmental groups

BY Patrick C. Miller Security expert John Poncy says that pipeline companies and the oil and gas industry need to understand the nature of opposition to projects such as the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines. He offers some lessons learned based on his experience. READ MORE

May 09, 2017

API study: Investment in infrastructure could add a million jobs

BY Staff A new study conducted by ICF for the American Petroleum Institute shows that over the next 20 years, new oil and gas infrastructure in the U.S. could create more than a million jobs with a private investment exceeding $1.3 trillion. READ MORE

April 26, 2017

American Power Group sees large quarterly revenue increase

BY Patrick C. Miller Increased oil and gas activity in the U.S. and Canada has been good for American Power Group, which is expecting a significant revenue increase in its quarterly report. The company's natural gas conversion system is one reason for the resurgence. READ MORE

April 26, 2017

EPA issues 90-day stay on fugitive methane emissions rule

BY Patrick C. Miller The Environmental Protection Agency will stay compliance for 90 days on its fugitive methane emissions rule for the oil and gas industry. The agency will convene a proceeding to reconsider the rule's monitoring requirements. READ MORE

April 25, 2017

Lack of pipeline infrastructure hurts northeastern states

BY Patrick C. Miller A new report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Institute for the 21st Century shows that consumers in the northeastern U.S. are already being hurt by a lack a pipeline infrastructure. It's a situation that will only grow worse by 2020. READ MORE

April 19, 2017

ND production unexpectedly tops 1 million barrels per day again

BY Patrick C. Miller North Dakota's crude production unexpectedly topped the 1 million barrels per day mark in February. But Lynn Helms, director of the state’s Division of Mineral Resources, thinks other factors might cause production to drop again in March and April. READ MORE

April 19, 2017

Western Canada lacks pipeline capacity for more crude production

BY Patrick C. Miller A new report from IHS Markit says western Canada lacks the pipeline capacity to handle an additional 1 million barrels per day of production expected by 2020. A five-year review process is creating uncertainty for producers. READ MORE

April 19, 2017

Sioux tribe plans to stop DAPL oil flow scheduled for next month

BY Patrick C. Miller Filings made by Energy Transfer Partners with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission say oil should be flowing through the Dakota Access Pipeline by mid-May. However, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is stepping up its efforts to halt the flow. READ MORE

April 19, 2017

Permian-to-Cushing pipeline planned, is Memphis oil’s last stop?

BY Luke GeiverA well-established pipeline provider in the Permian Basin has announced plans to move oil from West Texas northeast to the nation's largest oil storage hub in Cushing, Oklahoma. READ MORE

April 12, 2017

Enterprise Products Partners announces Permian NGL pipeline plans

BY Enterprise Products Partners To serve what Enterprise Products Partners CEO A.J. Teague calls one of the hottest plays in North America, the company announced plans to build a 571-mile-long NGL pipeline in the Permian Basin. It will connect to a complex in Mont Belvieu, Texas. READ MORE

April 12, 2017

SkyX builds drones for pipeline inspection, mapping, surveillance

BY Patrick C. Miller SkyX, a Canadian company, is offering a new drone solution to the oil and gas industry. It's SkyOne vertical-takeoff-and-landing unmanned aircraft system (UAS) was designed with pipeline inspections in mind. READ MORE

April 11, 2017

Dallas Fed surveys 11th District oil and gas firms

BY Staff Oil and gas companies in the Federal Reserve's 11th District, which includes Texas and parts of Louisiana and New Mexico, experienced rising business activity in the first quarter of 2017. It was the second straight quarter of expansion. READ MORE

April 05, 2017

New energy study shows impact of “keep it in the ground” policy

BY Patrick C. Miller A new study conducted for the American Petroleum Institute shows the economic impact that a "keep it in the ground" energy policy might have on the U.S. API said it would reverse the gains made in energy independence and improving the environment. READ MORE

April 05, 2017

Ares Management forms Development Capital Resources

BY Ares Management Development Capital Resources has been formed by Ares Management to provide development capital to North American exploration and production operators. The new company's goal is to help operators accelerate growth through their assets. READ MORE

April 05, 2017

Petro Waste opens Orla Landfill in the Delaware Basin

BY Patrick C. Miller Petro Waste Environmental is gearing up for increased activity in the Permain Basin. The Orla Landfill, which opened this week in Reeves County, Texas, is the first in a series of facilities the company plans to serve the oil and gas industry. READ MORE

March 29, 2017

Dakota Access Pipeline takes on oil while legal battle continues

BY Patrick C. Miller The Dakota Access Pipeline took on oil at the crossing under the Missouri River in North Dakota and is being prepared for service. Earthjustice outlined its legal position to fight the pipeline in court, hoping to halt the flow of oil. READ MORE

March 29, 2017

Trump approves Keystone XL, rolls back environmental regulation

BY Patrick C. Miller In the past week, President Donald Trump has delivered on his campaign promises by approving the Keystone XL Pipeline and rolling back Obama administration regulations, orders and policies designed to combat climate change. READ MORE

March 24, 2017

In Depth: The State of Shale

BY Luke GeiverAfter years of historic growth, followed by two years of downturn, the North American shale energy industry is on the brink of a new, unprecedented era. READ MORE

March 23, 2017

In Depth: Preparing For Round 2: Lessons Learned From A Midstream Service

BY Staff Goodnight Midstream found success during pre-low-oil years. Now, the water gathering and disposal firm believes it knows how to thrive again while expanding into new basins. READ MORE

March 22, 2017

Could the Dakota Access Pipeline protests have been avoided?

BY Staff Were the protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline avoidable? How should energy infrastructure projects be handled in the future? Troy Eid, an attorney specializing in Native American law, discussed these issues in a Q&A with North American Shale. READ MORE

March 15, 2017

Attorney says legal options dwindling for DAPL opponents

BY Patrick C. Miller Denver attorney Troy Eid, who moderates disputes between pipeline companies and tribal governments, doesn't expect the courts to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline. A federal judge ruled Tuesday that work on the project could continue. READ MORE

March 15, 2017

CEO of proposed Permian refinery explains decision to build

BY Staff We checked in with Jack Hanks, CEO of MMEX Resources Corp., to learn more about his team's plan to build a 50,000 barrel per day refinery near Fort Stockton, Texas, in the heart of the Permian Basin, North America's most active shale play. READ MORE