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Petroleum Researchers Shift Focus

BY North American Shale magazine staff As the list of research topics and research participants grows and changes, the amount of work being done by multiple entities continues to be robust in the Bakken. This a breakdown of their focus. READ MORE

Growth of the Original Shale Play

BY North American Shale magazine staff The Bakken has received global attention since the early days of the first unconventional wells drilled and completed within the boundaries of the known play. The attention has come in part from the exhaustive and consistent info from the state. READ MORE

Rethinking Resource Utilization

BY North American Shale magazine staff The Bakken has sparked several unique to the region projects that in their own way could each streamline, optimize, or offer a new and better alternative in storing produced gas, capturing value from the shale energy retrieval process or more. READ MORE

Current Characteristics of Bakken Well Completions

BY North American Shale magazine staff As the well count in the Bakken or Three Forks shale formations continues to grow, the strategies deployed to hydraulically fracture each new well have changed when compared to previous approaches. READ MORE

In Terms of the Bakken

BY North American Shale magazine staff The phrases, words and terms that reveal the evolution of the Bakken. From energy corridors to long-reach laterals, the Bakken shale play has fostered the growth and use of industry phrases that now define the U.S. These are the most important. READ MORE


Bakken Focus: A Growing Force In Remote Power, Midstream Water

BY Sponsored Content Gravity Oilfield Services has become a force in the Bakken by helping operators overcome the challenges of remote well sites and an ever-increasing need to deal with produced water. READ MORE

Becoming The Go-To Oilfield Service

BY Sponsored Content National Oilwell Varco’s Completion and Production solutions team has helped its Bakken client’s achieve better results post-frack by collaborating with customers and constantly focusing on new technologies. READ MORE

Meet the modern shale water company

BY Sponsored Content Hydrozonix, a Texas-based water specialist, has created a foothold in the Bakken and other basins by offering water consulting, technology and services that have been successful at treating more than 100 million barrels of water. READ MORE