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Growing The Shale Brand

BY Luke GeiverGlobal energy services giant is bringing a new focus to shale. We talk with Halliburton's team on its focus in shale, new technologies and reasons for excitement in the digital, flowback and sand distribution segments. READ MORE

Finding The Next Big Shale Play

BY Patrick C. MillerCan the U.S. capitalize on its experience to keep the shale revolution going? The answer depends on three factors, according to a group of researchers and industry experts. READ MORE


Working Effectively With Tribes On Energy Projects

BY Troy Eid Wherever and whenever it happens, managing the next Standing Rock controversy—better yet, mitigating or avoiding it—should be on every energy developer’s agenda. READ MORE

North American Shale News

Industry Reps Explain The Bakken

BY North American Shale magazine staff

US shale production could reach 9 million barrels by 2025

BY North American Shale magazine staff