Inside Issue December 2014


The Complexities of Crude Prices

BY The Bakken Magazine Staff The evolving Bakken story has just added a new, utterly complex twist. Crude prices, economically advantageous for the shale oil industry in the past five years, have fallen. Few, if any, can predict when the price bottom will be reached. READ MORE

Debating the Export Ban

BY Luke GeiverLifting the export ban on U.S.-produced crude could be a major benefit to the U.S., or a huge mistake, depending on who you ask.Consensus favors lifting the ban but there's little talk or congressional action yet. READ MORE

North American Shale News

North Dakota refinery outlook

BY The Bakken Magazine Staff With a proven model of success for financing, permitting and building a refinery in North Dakota, many groups are positioning to build new refineries. This map shows relevant infrastructure associated with proposed locations. READ MORE