Inside Issue August 2014


The Surge of Saltwater Disposal Service

BY Emily AasandThe business of saltwater disposal has never been more important to the development of the Bakken. The constant increase in new wells and the advent of slickwater fracking has created a major demand for SWD service providers. READ MORE

Nothing Left To Waste

BY Luke GeiverWhy Innovative companies and new regulatory action will reshape oilfield-generated waste handling and disposal practices in the North Dakota portion of the Bakken. READ MORE

Executing The Gas Capture Plan

BY Patrick C. MillerThe impact of unprecedented flare regulations on midstream gas gatherers and other technology providers is now more evident than ever in the Bakken. READ MORE


Bakken Backers: Effects of a Slowdown

BY Rob Lindberg For years, the word slowdown has been thrown around. It might come from media outlets opposed to flaring, an environmentalist concerned about impacts, or, more understandably so, a western resident longing for pre-Bakken times. READ MORE


RecartPS Energy Calls UND's REAC Its North American Headquarters

BY Emily AasandIn February, Kevin Wiles flew from London, to explore options for expanding his engineering and technology company, RecartPS, into western North Dakota. Wiles has decided on a unique N.D.-research lab as it's Bakken and North American headquarters. READ MORE

Logical Data Essential To The Bakken

BY Emily AasandA real estate firm has found a way to serve the Bakken by offering detailed information on residential and commercial property data to oil and gas clients. READ MORE

North American Shale News

Legacy Fund Approaches $3 Billion

BY The Bakken magazine staff

API Community Standards Linked To ND

BY The Bakken magazine staff

Pipeline Summit Addresses Safety Concerns

BY The Bakken magazine staff

Jobs Across North Dakota Rise

BY The Bakken magazine staff