Inside Issue February 2014


Field-Tested Fluid Advancements

BY The Bakken magazine staff Jerry Noles, technical director for downhole fluids and dispersal company Coil Chem LLC, "If you are going to be the best, you better test your products in the Bakken." READ MORE

The Proppant Picture

BY Luke GeiverA self-suspending technology reveals the state of the proppant industry, proving that although products have been proven, operators are still in search of innovative alternatives that can enhance production. READ MORE

Help Wanted

BY Keith LoriaJob openings outmatch the jobless in North Dakota, locking companies working in the shale development region in a fierce battle to win the war for talent. For some, the focus has shifted from attracting employees to identifying the right hires. READ MORE

Finding Answers Inside The Box

BY Luke GeiverJulie LeFever, director of the Wilson M. Laird Core and Sample Library on her Bakken history, current work and outlook for the future development of the Williston Basin. READ MORE

Infill Drilling's Impact on Investors

BY Luke GeiverHigh-density drilling puts more wells on a single pad. For investors, that's good and bad. For Mainstream Investors LLC, it's a great thing. With a team of oilfield veterans, the team exemplifies how infill drilling programs are impacting the play. READ MORE


Leveraging the Bakken's High Ground

BY Mohammed A. Khan, Jr. Unmanned aerial systems provide a new tool in an era where information is power. UASs will provide opportunities for increased revenue through safe and efficient petroleum and natural gas exploration in the Bakken Formation. READ MORE


The Collaborative Energy Complex: Research and Partnerships

BY The Bakken magazine staff The University of North Dakota's impressive Collaborative Energy Complex serves to connect the oil and gas industry to research partners and future employees. READ MORE

Q&A: Following a Trail Blazed by Lewis and Clark

BY Tim Portz The Port of Vancouver's Curtis Shuck on how a commitment to infrastructure will provide much needed market access for Bakken crude. READ MORE

North American Shale News

Coming Soon: Railcar Design , Track Changes

BY The Bakken magazine staff

Numbers Hint At Future Production

BY The Bakken magazine staff