RecartPS Energy Calls UND's REAC Its North American Headquarters

In February, Kevin Wiles flew from London, to explore options for expanding his engineering and technology company, RecartPS, into western North Dakota. Wiles has decided on a unique N.D.-research lab as it's Bakken and North American headquarters.
By Emily Aasand | August 15, 2014

In February, Kevin Wiles flew from London, to explore options for expanding his engineering and technology company, RecartPS, into Western North Dakota. With the help of the University of North Dakota’s research enterprise and commercialization (REAC) facility and UND’s engineering departments, he found the exact location for his company to successfully service the needs of the Bakken.

RecartPS is an energy industry-focused resource, engineering and technology company that services resource management and the supply of project teams on a global basis.

Wiles, the operations and development director of RecartPS, believes that locating outside of the actual oil play can greatly benefit his company. With the resources available at UND and with UND’s REAC facility, Recart will be able to service three major issues the team believes exists in the Bakken: including resource (lack of manpower), water and flaring.

“Within our group of companies, we had various elements that could tackle those particular areas, and it made sense for us to do that through the University of North Dakota,” says Wiles. “One of the projects we’re looking at is a produced water separation unit which is a five phase unit. Another is bringing the resources and expertise here, and the final project we’re looking into is assisting UND with the personalization of their intellectual property through our global network.”

Kevan Rusk, the director of REAC 1, the University of North Dakota’s Technology Accelerator, began conversing with Wiles in November 2013 about potential for company growth within REAC and with UND.

The REAC facility is part of UND’s campus, and offers office and laboratory space to private-sector companies that are looking to partner with the University for a variety of research and commercialization purposes.
Recart’s internationally experienced company has taken the steps to establish linkage to UND with the Petroleum Engineering department and has begun to work on highly technical conversations and equipment, processes and projects with them, says Rusk.

Rusk and Wiles met when Rusk spent two years in Denmark working with his previous company and has remained in contact with him over the years. Wiles flew to North Dakota in February to attend the Bakken - Three Forks Shale Oil Innovation Conference & Expo and he knew he had found where he wanted to establish his company’s North American headquarters. 

“It’s been quite strategic,” says Wiles. “Looking at REAC and the way Kevan has integrated and given us the support needed to come here has been valuable.”

“When we began looking to expand our company to North Dakota, we saw the benefits to us and the benefits that would come to REAC—it has ties to UND and we offer various engineering design and construction capabilities,” says Wiles. “For us, it makes sense for UND to be more involved in the Bakken—when you look at the core sample library it has and the importance of that along with its premier petroleum engineering department.”

Recart has worked with every level of leadership at UND—personnel met with local, state specific leaders and government to really understand if the move to Grand Forks would makes sense. The company also took a very strategic approach to understanding the feasibility of the business, says Rusk.

Recart has invested time, money and energy into doing thorough research and has committed to a lease in REAC on the campus of UND, which, according to Wiles, is exactly where they need to be.

“Everybody is working toward the same goal,” says Wiles. “A lot of what we’re trying to do will involve more of a link between the university, research, and international focus and how that can ultimately help the state of North Dakota, which is our primary concern and goal.”


Recart offers a few different services including resource management, manpower supply, operations, maintenance and training, and commissioning.

Recart is able to put a 20-man team together to facilitate projects for companies, it can help companies relocate facilities, and can conduct consulting on project controls development, project reporting and cost and planning.

The projects Recart plans to facilitate are relatively midterm.

The team is currently working to provide equipment suited to address water use in the Bakken.

The equipment was introduced at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston in May and can concentrate the harmful water produced at well sites and process the water so it can be reused for the next drill on the same pad.

 “Specifically, one of Recart’s partner companies has a specific piece of equipment that is designed from produced water separation,” says Rusk. “That specific piece of equipment is something that we’re hoping that Recart can partner with UND to refine and develop and ultimately operate either that service or equipment to operators and disposal sites in Western North Dakota with all the benefits people know about.”

Future Growth

Although Recart has just announced the location of its North American headquarters, it has big plans for the future.

“When we look at the technology in the REAC building and the space Kevan has as far as the administration and possibly manpower recruitment sources go, there are a few lines of expansion to investigate,” says Wiles. “This building is absolutely perfect for us and Kevan has done a great job.”

“We’re in such early stages, but there’s absolutely room for future growth,” says Lee Bown, director of RecartPS Energy. “Because of the nature of what we’re doing, this could get really big really quick.”

According to Rusk, there are a lot of good opportunities that will be coming out of REAC within the upcoming months, not only as an entity, but as partnerships and with different projects that Recart can bring light to.

“We’re really looking forward to building relationships with companies in the Bakken, to understand their needs and focus on those and hopefully offer some worth and serious solutions to the problems” says Wiles. “We’re very excited to start engaging with people.”


Printed in The Bakken magazine - August 2014