API Community Standards Linked To ND

By The Bakken magazine staff | August 15, 2014

The American Petroleum Institute has used information gathered through a series of North Dakota workshops to create an unprecedented community engagement blueprint for oil and natural gas communities. The standards were developed to help oil and gas companies interact with and help local leaders and residents in places where energy exploration is happening. A list of steps within the standards are aimed at helping companies communicate with local communities during five phases of energy development: entry, exploration, development, operations and exit.

“The energy revolution is now occurring in areas of the country where oil and natural gas exploration doesn’t have the same history as Texas or Oklahoma,” said David Miller, API’s director of standards. According to Miller, in areas such as North Dakota, local operators are working to ensure newly-opened resources are developed in conjunction with community goals.

“Early in the drafting process, we held a series of workshops, including a 2012 meeting in Bismarck, N.D.,” Miller said. “During the event, local operators encouraged us to address truck traffic in the new standards based on their experience in coordinating shipments to avoid congestion on the roads.”