Mistral Midstream Chooses Modular Technology for NGL Recovery

By The Bakken magazine staff | May 16, 2014

Mistral Midstream Inc. has chosen a modular UOP LLC technology to recover natural gas liquids (NGLs) from Bakken-based natural gas streams. The modular, cryogenic equipment is specifically suited to remove ethane from natural gas streams. In September 2013, Mistral Midstream announced its plans to join with SaskEnergy on a straddle plant situated alongside SaskEnergy’s natural gas pipeline system near Viewfield, Saskatchewan. The plant is located in an area of the province that requires NGLs to be removed from a gas stream before it can be delivered to homes and businesses.

The UOP technology is capable of processing 60 million cubic feet of natural gas per day through the use of cryogenic, mechanical refrigeration and adsorption systems designed to remove heavy hydrocarbons present in the gas stream while also controlling the dew point of the gas. Although the UOP technology can be used with fractionators to produce propane or butane, the Mistral Midstream project is focused on producing ethane, a highly sought-after building block of ethylene.

“This project with Mistral showcases UOP’s ability to work in the northern Bakken basin, especially as shale gas, remote gas and distributed gas play a more vital role in the global energy economy,” said Rebecca Liebert, UOP’s senior vice president and general manager for gas processing and hydrogen. Mistral chose the modular technology, in part, Liebert said, to help speed up the time needed to bring the facility online while reducing overall capital costs of the $72.5 million facility expected to be online in 2015.

Mistral Midstream is also working to complete the Vantage Pipeline, a high-vapor pressure pipeline designed to move ethane sourced from Tioga, N.D., to Empress, Alberta, Canada.