Third-Party Testing To Verify Bakken Crude

By The Bakken magazine staff | May 16, 2014

The 2014 Williston Basin Petroleum Conference will provide insight on the quality of Bakken crude. The North Dakota Petroleum Council has contracted with Dallas, Texas-based engineering and management consulting firm, Turner, Mason & Co. to perform a study on the quality of Bakken crude. To complete the study, the company will collect several samples of crude from 12 locations within the Williston Basin, including six rail depots in the region. The results of the multi-week collection efforts will be discussed at the 2014 WBPC.

Kari Cutting, vice president for the NDPC, said that Bakken crude is comparable to other light sweet crudes according to the most recent data available. “But we know that some have questioned whether it is somehow different,” she said. “This study will provide a thorough third-party analysis to help regulators and industry determine the facts so we can make decisions based on sound science.”

The results of the study will be combined with proprietary data supplied to the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration from several companies that produce or handle Bakken crude.
At the time of the third-party testing announcement, the American Petroleum Institute had issued a release in regarding claims that crude handling companies were not supplying the U.S. Department of Transportation with information on Bakken crude. “We don’t know who the anonymous source is at DOT now saying otherwise, but we do know that their accusation is completely untrue,” the API said.