Mistral Midstream selects modular gas tech for northern Bakken

By Luke Geiver | April 15, 2014

Mistral Midstream Inc., a Calgary-based natural gas infrastructure developer currently working to finish a natural gas liquids recovery plant in Saskatchewan, has chosen a modular UOP LLC technology to recover NGLs from the northern region of the Bakken. The modular cryogenic equipment is capable of processing 60 million standard cubic feet per day of natural gas. The UOP Russell equipment should be producing at Mistral’s southern Saskatchewan plant later this year.

“This project with Mistral showcases UOP’s ability to work in the northern Bakken basin, especially as shale gas, remote gas and distributed gas play a more vital role in the global energy economy,” said Rebecca Liebert, UOP’s senior vice president and general manager for gas processing and hydrogen. According to Liebert, the modular technology reduces construction time, capital costs and operating costs.

In addition to the NGL recovery facility, Mistral Midstream is also working to complete the Vantage Pipeline, a high vapor pressure pipeline that will move ethane from Tioga, N.D., to Empress, Alberta, Canada. The pipeline will be roughly 430 miles and feature a 10-inch diameter.

The UOP Russell equipment package includes cryogenic, mechanical refrigeration and adsorption systems that are designed to remove heavy hydrocarbons and control dew point. The systems can also include fractionators that can produce specific products such as propane, butane and others. The cryogenic plants are designed to recover over 90 percent of a natural gas stream’s available ethane.