2013 Energy, Transportation Permits Push NDPSC Past $1B

By The Bakken magazine staff | February 10, 2014

The North Dakota Public Service Commission, the state agency tasked with permitting siting and regulating activities related to electric and gas utilities, telecommunications companies, power plants, electric transmission lines, pipelines, railroads, grain elevators, auctioneers, commercial weighing devices, pipeline safety and coal mine reclamation, had a billion-dollar 2013. The PSC approved siting applications for energy-related projects that exceeded $1 billion. The projects included eight pipelines totaling 100 miles, 90 megawatts of gas-fired generation, several route changes for transmission lines and three wind farms with 560 megawatts of total generating capacity.

Although some of the projects were started in 2011 and not given final approval until 2013, the PSC said the average processing time once applications are complete is roughly 60 days. Commissioner Julie Fedorchak called 2013 a brisk year that brought “steady and orderly progress on the development of infrastructure to server the state’s growing energy industry.”

Randy Christmann, another commissioner for the PSC, said the infrastructure development will give the state long-term economic strength and make the state safer.