WPX Debuts Frack Film

By The Bakken Staff | December 26, 2013

WPX Energy is now a documentary film making company. The exploration and production firm has released a 30-minute film on hydraulic fracturing and the process used to explore, drill and produce oil and natural gas. The film features several testimonial and informational descriptive scenes provided by WPX Energy executives, industry experts and others affiliated with hydraulic fracturing. The film not only explains the process of hydraulic fracturing, but points to the two main arguments against the practice—water usage and chemical usage. 

According to the film, water usage is a concern, but completion teams across the country are finding ways to reduce or reuse flowback water produced during the process. And, the chemicals used in the process can now be viewed at the website, fracfocus.org, a chemical disclosure registry. 

“There is an important debate underway regarding the future of American energy,” the film’s narrator says as the first scenes develop, adding an explanation of the film that, “this documentary examines one small but critically important piece of the energy puzzle about a process called hydraulic fracturing.” Although the film focuses on natural gas production, WPX Energy does operate in the Williston Basin. The film can be viewed at www.downdeep.com.