Oil Activity in West ND Impacts Growth in East

By Staff | September 06, 2013

A new survey completed by the Grand Forks (N.D.) Region Economic Development Corp. provides statistical evidence that the impact oil and gas development in western N.D., has had on eastern N.D. According to a survey dispersed among Grand Forks and East Grand Forks, (Minn.) Chamber of Commerce members, 67 percent of respondents believe revenue over the past two years is, in part, related to the Bakken, and 23 percent have added staff to support that business growth. “These results are exciting for our region, demonstrating a much greater impact,” said Barry Wilfahrt, president and CEO of the Chamber, adding that the respondents who’ve experienced business growth are those in the industries of automotive services, real estate, construction and manufacturing.

Klaus Thiessen, GFEDC president and CEO, said the entire region is expanding because of the Bakken and existing businesses are attracting new customers. “At the end of the day,” he said, “we can undeniably say the oil and gas industry is helping this region grow and create new jobs”.