Focus of the Report

By Luke Geiver | January 17, 2020

The 2019-'20 Permian Report, produced by our team at North American Shale magazine, is meant to provide an information-packed, near-term snapshot of the greater Permian Basin.  Our research and content compilation efforts allowed us to create a multi-focused update on the general state of the Permian spanning from Southeast New Mexico to the vast acres of West Texas. This report includes a breakdown of the topics, issues, challenges and opportunities present across the world's most prolific hydrocarbon production area. 

Permiania's Next Chapter
As the world’s most prolific hydrocarbon play evolves, new challenges—and opportunities—have emerged or remained. Learn how investor sentiment, base decline rates and infrastructure will impact the Permian’s next era. 

Shale Gas: Blessing Or Curse? 
With unprecedented associated shale gas production across much of the Permian comes a historic push to build and bring into operation liquified natural gas processing, storage and export infrastructure. Will it be enough? 

Finding The Right Space
With stacked pay extending to a distance equal of the Empire State Building, the greater Permian basin has a unique offering for completion engineers. As seen by issues present across the field today, finding the right approach to multi-well formation development is still in question. 

The Next Generation
From satellites to blockchain to fluid tracers, this assortment of innovative technology or field-level strategy represents the foundation of the Permian’s future.