Monitoring, surveillance firm enters oilfield SWD business

By Twenty20 Solutions | December 17, 2019

Twenty20 Solutions, a provider of IIoT-based solutions that delivers real-time security, monitoring and automation to customers with remote sites across the energy, utility, agriculture, construction and critical infrastructure industries, is expanding its services to include a custom-built automation and monitoring solution to address the unique operating challenges of the saltwater disposal (SWD) sector of the oil and gas industry.

“Because of our long history and extensive knowledge in the oil and gas industry, we were able to design advanced software to fully automate operations of SWD facilities and pipelines,” said Ron Wagnon, chief revenue officer, Twenty20 Solutions. “By using our solutions, SWD facilities can finally combat the unique challenges associated with safety, security, spill containment and regulatory compliance.”

Twenty20 has been connecting its customers in the oil and gas industry to their remote operations for years. This new service offering, specifically designed for SWD facilities, ensures environmental protection and on-site safety, delivers error-free record keeping and reporting, and drives efficiency and simplification of the disposal process.

Through Twenty20’s custom-built solution, SWD facilities are provided detailed data capture, safety and security alert and alarm capabilities, and automated regulatory compliance reporting. Twenty20 has also developed a customizable electronic ticketing system for driver information and haul data, which allows companies to automate processing, invoicing and reporting, thus eliminating the need for manual forms on-site. These automation solutions can be implemented to upgrade existing sites or built seamlessly into new sites during construction.

Twenty20’s custom technology platform has the ability to integrate all of a customer’s sites into a single view, allowing SWD facilities to have unprecedented visibility and actionable insight, a feature that was previously difficult without onsite personnel. With its flexible technology, Twenty20 ensures that the unique data needs of each customer are met efficiently through a single platform.