OspreyData's new shale product could help digital oilfield

By OspreyData | November 12, 2019

OspreyData, leader in artificial intelligence-based production optimization solutions for the oil and gas industry, has launched the Unified Monitor solution, a component of their Production Optimization Platform, as a stand-alone offering to enable consolidated views of SCADA and Artificial Lift feeds in producing oil and gas wells.

The Unified Monitor solution enables an oil company to shorten the time to value when transitioning to a digital oilfield by enabling centralized collection and surveillance from a combined view of all production regardless of SCADA source, lift type or pump manufacturer. Standardizing this view with integrated analytics provides immediate benefits to the production and operations team at an E&P company. With shorter time to implement the power of full machine learning, and faster time to value, this discrete solution stands alone or can be fully integrated to OspreyData's Advanced Analytics providing a complete AI platform for production optimization.

Zachary Nix, vice president of drilling and operations at Jetta Operating, a producer with oil and gas wells in the Permian Basin that leverages OspreyData's production optimization solution, said, "Unified Monitor from OspreyData helps us stay informed and in tune with a single operational view of wells across multiple artificial lift types, and consolidating multiple SCADA feeds, making it easier to run an agile production operation and lower production costs now."

Ken Collins, vice president of production optimization at OspreyData said, "Jetta Operating is a forward thinking oil and gas company and has shown leadership in enabling change incrementally as they implement the digital oilfield across their operations. This model of incremental adoption of an integrated production optimization platform scales for small operators, large independents, and the majors as well. Jetta will lower lease operating expense ahead of their peers as a result."

Global oil producers and independent oil companies alike are seeing more value in the OspreyData AI enabled Production Optimization Platform. New clients are using OspreyData's cloud-based software across the Permian Basin and other shale plays to scale growth, lower lease operating expense, and increase production. OspreyData's incremental software implementation offers immediate value. And as oil and gas prices fluctuate, the company helps agile E&P companies win in this merger and acquisition market on Wall Street, and in their savvy acquisition and divestiture of leases in the oil fields.