Electric motor developer, US Well Services sign on for frac fleet

By Luke Geiver | June 25, 2019

A pioneer in electric-powered hydraulic fracturing technology is making its relationship with a electric motor developer official. U.S. Well Services Inc. has entered into an official agreement with AmeriMex Motor & Controls LLC that will supplant AmeriMex as the main supplier of electric motors to the growing electric frac fleet owned and operated by U.S. Well Services.

The companies jointly developed the electric motor and have refined the system together after analyzing data from field operations performed by U.S. Well Services.

“We are pleased to formalize our long-time partnership with USWS.  They have been a pioneer in electric fracturing technology and remain the market leader in electric hydraulic fracturing services.  U.S. Well Services’ extensive operating history using electric fracturing fleets is a testament to its unique position in this market.  We look forward to growing our relationship with U.S. Well Services and serving as a long-term partner for many years to come,” said Wade Stocksill, president of AmeriMex.

USWS is a technology-oriented oilfield service company focused exclusively on hydraulic fracturing services for the oil and gas industry. USWS is one of the first companies to develop and commercially deploy electric-powered hydraulic fracturing equipment. USWS’ patented Clean Fleet technology combines natural gas turbine generators with electric motors and existing industry equipment for hydraulic fracturing, offering numerous advantages over conventional, diesel-powered fracturing fleets.

Joel Broussard, president and CEO of U.S. Well Services commented, “Our partnership with AmeriMex and exclusive arrangement with its motors will strengthen our competitive advantage and support our ability to capitalize on increasing demand for electric fracturing services. These efficient, compact motors are the only field-tested motor with a proven track record in electric hydraulic fracturing.  AmeriMex has a solid history of developing long-lived electric motors for various applications in other industries, and these innovative 3,000 HP motors for electric fracturing are a key differentiator for our company and technology.”

In 2018, the company signed deals with clients in the Permian and Eagle Ford, expanding the usage of its electric frac fleet. The company has also listed on the New York Stock Exchange.