Toshiba-Houston Invests in Inventory


Toshiba International Corp. is doing its part to make the Bakken a more efficient oil and gas play. The company’s Houston manufacturing facility has invested $20 million in a plant where low- and medium-term voltage adjustable speed drives are built. The units help control the speed and torque of electric motors used to control pumping speeds and flow rates. “Over the last couple of years, TIC has had tremendous success with our medium-voltage adjustable-speed drive product line in the oil and gas industry,” said Janet Rust, communications specialists for TIC.

According to Rust, demand by drilling teams in the Bakken has made providing the variable speed drives to the Bakken difficult. But, following the plant’s expansion of 107,000 additional square feet, office space and an inventory surplus of the adjustable speed drives, TIC believes it will be able to reduce lead times for its products and meet the needs of what it considers a key market, the Bakken.