Contractor Reports, Site Inspections Success


The vast majority of construction sites in Minot, N.D., are complying with state licensing and reporting laws, according to a multi-agency Contractor Compliance task force put together by the N.D. Tax Commission. During a week-long inspection exercise, the task force inspected 28 job sites involving 194 contractors. Only seven contractors were not licensed. During inspections, contractors were given information about reporting requirements and asked to give information about employees.

“By conducting these compliance checks we are able to address a couple of important issues: first, as an educational opportunity to inform contractors and the public about their licensure and insurance responsibilities, and second, we can ensure that all contractors are paying the taxes that are due,” said Cory Fong, tax commissioner of the inspections.

Wayne Stenehjem, N.D. attorney general, said the professionalism and cooperation by the contractors allowed the inspectors to visit such a large number of sites. “Our goal is compliance and a level playing field for licensed contractors, not legal action,” Stenehjem said.