Reactions to Trump's energy infrastructure executive order

By Staff | April 15, 2019

Following President Trump’s executive order on issuing permits and promoting energy infrastructure and economic growth, energy associations reacted in support. 

In the Bakken, the North Dakota Petroleum Council issued a statement in support of multi-faceted order. Part of the announcement by Trump would require the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to review the guidance for the Clean Water Act. The review would require states to look at water quality permits, something often needed for pipeline construction. Under the order, the President would also be able to aid cross-border pipelines deemed necessary to the public interest. Through the executive order change, the President’s approval would supersede the need for a National Environmental Protection Act review. 

“Our country has out-produced every other nation in the world each month in 2018 and 2019.  But we need regulatory certainty and the infrastructure capacity for this record production to benefit American consumers across the country.  These Executive Orders are a good first step to removing some of the regulatory hurdles we’ve been facing and allowing significant infrastructure projects to move forward on a more predictable timeline,” said Ron Ness, president of the NDPC. 

The American Energy Alliance, also applauded the move by Trump. “These orders are intended to strengthen the process of pipeline permitting and ensure that the U.S. has the ability to construct essential pipeline infrastructure in the years to come,” AEA said. 

AEA President Tom Pyle, said the executive orders “are an attempt to make necessary changes to ensure federal statute is properly interpreted and followed, and make certain that politically motivated delays blocking pipeline infrastructure come to an end.” 

Toby Mack, president and CEO of the Energy, Equipment & Infrastructure Alliance, also praised the order. “Every American family is benefiting from the domestic energy revolution,” he said. “This wouldn’t be possible without pipelines and other infrastructure.” 

As You Sow, a non-profit shareholder advocacy group that works to “create lasting change that benefits people, planet and profit,” had a different take on the order. 

“In deep denial of the world’s movement away from fossil fuels toward clean energy, these executive orders not only violate state’s rights and threaten citizen’s health, but use precious resources attempting to lock in outdated energy sources and the greenhouse gas emissions they produce,” Andrew Behar, CEO of As You Sow, said. “A far better use of the administration’s energy would be to support American innovation and create jobs by leading the world toward a low-carbon economy.”