Multinational water tech firm acquires Permian water service

By Luke Geiver | April 01, 2019

A Fort Stockton, Texas-based hydraulic fracturing water treatment company has been acquired by a multi-national water specialist to better serve the Permian Basin. Neptune Enterprises previously worked with De Nora on water issues related to frack water treatments in West Texas. Through the acquisition, De Nora has now formed De Nora Neptune LLC.

The newly named company will continue to offer “on-the-fly” frack water treatment and produced water recycling services. Neptune’s special technology utilizes salt, water and electricity to treat produced water for reuse in fracking.

Like all shale plays, water in the Permian continues to be a major factor in the costs and ongoing maintenance in the life of a well. By using effective produced water recycling companies can reduce water costs and eliminate the need for disposal of water. Disinfecting water prior to use is helpful, but requires bacteria that can later produced scale in a well to be disinfected and killed off prior to the water being injected downhole during fracking operations.

Neptune’s produced water recycling system can resupply frack operations with water priced at below $0.25/b. The company has been using its system in the Marcellus and the Permian since 2012 and now treats more than 50,000 barrels of water per day.

Alex Gonzalez, president of Neptune, said operators have been challenging water companies to provide cost-effective and safe options for treating produced water. “This acquisition is bringing them exactly what they have asked for: the safest technology, complete bacteria kill and the lowest price in the industry,” he said. “This is really good news for all operators.”

De Nora will help expand the offerings of Neptune and provide a full water service treatment instead of just the water technology.

De Nora has been focused on several onshore and offshore water treatment issues, including biofouling control, sewage treatment and membrane filtration on offshore drilling platforms to onshore frack water disinfection.

Terms or amount of the acquisition were not disclosed.