Diverters continue to evolve in the shale fields

By Luke Geiver | March 25, 2019

Diverting material used for shale well completions is evolving, according to Steve White, founder of Dynamic Green Solutions. The unique material designed to divert or move proppant past particular sections of a horizontal well bore during the fracturing process, is not new to the shale world, but the material is being pumped more effectively today. 

Energy service firms specializing in fluid handling and treatment during drilling or well completions are now able to manage the entire process. Companies like Ironman Speciality Fluids can tie directly into a frac tree and deploy diverter as requested, White said. The nature of their equipment allows them to deploy blends and rates that would be difficult, if not impossible, for traditional frac equipment. 

DGS is now offering diverters designed for temporary loss circulation material. “The days of leaving un-milled plugs and sand bridges in a well should be behind us,” White said. 

While some clients are using diverter treatments to save on water usage, others are using it because it is their only option compared to nitrogen which is more expensive. 

DGS is also finding luck with a new far-field product. The material is not like a traditional polymer diverter. The new product will leave behind a microproppant. “This material should bring the best of both worlds, offset wells will be protected,” White said, noting that fracture complexity increases and after operations are complete, it is easier to recover oil in the further reaches. “Because it is going to partially hydrolyze it will leave voids which will help contribute to a highly conductive fracture.”