US Steel restarting energy tubular operations in TX

By Luke Geiver | February 05, 2019

Citing an improvement in market conditions, United States Steel Corp. has announced plans to restart tubular production operations in Lone Star, Texas. According to the company, the Lone Star No. 1 Mill will provide full-body normalized electric-welded pipe in size ranges of 7’’ to 16’’ outside diameter for customers across the U.S., including they very active Permian Basin.

U.S. Steel is a leading energy tubular products manufacturer in North America. Energy customers purchase casing, line pipe and couplings for the exploration and ongoing production process associated with oil and natural gas.

David Burritt, president and CEO, said the company is encouraged by an improvement in market conditions and an increased customer demand for tubular products “that are mined, melted and made in America.”

The city of Lone Star is located in Morris County in east Texas.

The Lone Star plant will hire 140 new employees with a plant restart expected in Q3 2019. The mill has an annual capacity of processing 400,000 tons of steel.

“Restarting the Lone Star No. 1 Mill will give our customers access to high-quality electric-welded pipe they expect from U.S. Steel, said Douglas Matthews, senior vice president of industrial, service center and the interim head of mining solutions.

U.S. Steel is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.