Permian pressure pump tech testing complete, AFGlobal eyes 2019

By Luke Geiver | December 04, 2018

Global original equipment manufacturer AFGlobal has completed a field trial of a new frack pump. In the Permian Basin, AFGlobal has completed testing of its trademarked DuraStim pump and is now looking to begin taking orders for its technology starting next year. The technology was built to provide 6,000 Horsepower using a variable displacement pump—the equivalent of three times the effective horsepower of a conventional frack pump unit.

The DuraStim technology has a cloud enabled control system designed to optimize distribution of information and predicative maintenance. It also has a variable displacement frack pump, according to the company. A variable displacement pump turns mechanical energy into fluid energy. The amount of volume pumped through the pump can be varied during operation.

ProPetro Holding Corp., a pressure pumping and energy service firm that serves the Permian, worked to test the pump for AFGlobal. According to the OEM, the pump can last longer than traditional units and offers a 65 percent footprint reduction on the well site.

“We believe that the possibility of adding the DuraStim pump technology to our current fleet could help us substantially improve efficiencies and reduce our equipment downtime, which will ultimately benefit our customers with more uptime and better fleet utilization,” said Dale Redman, CEO for ProPetro.

In January next year, AFGlobal will start taking orders for the pump. Although the initial units will come with an electric power drive, the company will also add turbine-direct and 3,000 HP diesel powered systems in mid-2019.