Delaware Basin operator turns to flex turbine to power well ops

By Flex Leasing Power And Service | October 31, 2018

Flex Leasing Power and Service, a clean field power solutions provider for the oil and gas industry, has announced that one of the largest oil and natural gas exploration and production companies in the world has selected the company to provide a field power solution using its patented Flex Turbine technology. The area of operation is the Delaware Basin region of the larger Permian Basin, located in southeastern New Mexico and west Texas, an area of intense oil and gas development.

The Flex Turbine uses proprietary technology and design to generate electric power from any natural gas source, including wellhead gas and tank vapors, and successfully operates on wet rich gas, lean gas and even gas containing Hydrogen Sulfide. The Flex Turbine’s wide fuel tolerance, modularity, reliability and on-site flexibility makes the Flex Turbine uniquely suited to oil and gas operations.

In this case, the operator’s aggressive field development plan outstripped the local utility’s ability to provide adequate electric power. The original development plan assumed utility power would be available; however, it quickly became clear that utility power was not sufficient and the operator turned to Flex Leasing Power and Service to design a custom solution.

Another key factor driving the decision to choose Flex Leasing Power and Service was that the production sites were permitted with stringent emissions restrictions, under the original assumption utility power would be available. The Flex Turbine has extremely low emissions, far below competing options and within the imposed emissions restrictions, allowing the solution to be installed without the operator having to endure a time-consuming and expensive process to secure new permits.

The Flex Turbines leased by the operator provide cost-effective power for its saltwater disposal and central transfer facilities in the area of operation. As E&P companies grow production, so do the volumes of produced water requiring safe disposal and hydrocarbons necessitating processing and treatment. Reliable power is required to avoid production bottlenecks, potential shut-ins and costly full-stop losses of power. The initial project consisted of nine units deployed to one facility, and over time the number of sites powered by Flex Turbines has increased to five, with aggregate power delivery of 8.0 Megawatts.

Doug Baltzer, president of Flex Leasing Power and Service, said: “When the operator called us, they were facing an urgent situation. Once they learned the local utility was not able to respond quickly enough to their needs, it was a case of either dialing-back their drilling program or finding an alternative. We were able to respond in short order. Flex Leasing became a partner, involved in the field development planning process, which changed several times before the final plan was decided. Our flexibility and collaborative culture worked well during this dynamic process.

“Importantly, because the Flex Turbine is clean-burning and produces very little emissions, we were able to deliver high-quality power when the operator needed it without having to go back and obtain new permits. This attribute kept the operator’s growth plan on track.

“Our solution was selected because of its low emissions, our flexibility to work with the operator and reliability. We have over 200 Flex Turbine units powering oilfield operations in the U.S. and Canada with a track record of more than 2.5 million continuous hours of operations.”