Graco’s automated tech driving major shale oil operations gains

By Luke Geiver | September 25, 2018

Efficiency gains in the shale oil and gas retrieval and production processes have helped operators and service providers generate high rates of return even as the price of oil and daily operational norms have been in flux during the past five years. To help its oil and gas clients maintain or enhance the performance of infield infrastructure and equipment, Graco Inc. has invested in bringing efficiencies to the shale fields by streamlining and automating a small, yet crucial aspect many of its clients have to deal with: lubrication of equipment. The company has created a system that performs automated lubrication of pumps and other parts crucial to oilfield operations and now it is experiencing new growth with a line of unique systems designed for every oilfield application ranging from sand mixers to cementers.

In West Texas, Graco has helped keep pressure pumpers on schedule and continuously pumping proppants and fluids and high pressure by installing an automated lubrication system designed to keep pumps and blenders properly lubricated. In addition to pump equipment related to hydraulic fracturing, Graco has also found success with its automated systems for wireline operations, acidizers, sand bins. In other plays outside the Permian, the company has also installed its automated lubrication equipment on coiled tubing units that have multiple lube points that need to be maintained.

Members of Graco’s team, along with other shale oil production specialists, will partake in a live webinar discussing the unique technology the team has created and deployed in the field. The technical talks will provide insight on what efficiencies in the shale industry look like and how unique technology that is small in comparison to drilling rigs or pressure pumping units can make a big difference in the economic and safe success of a shale oil or gas operation.

To join the free webinar and listen, or ask questions, to Graco’s team of shale experts, register here.