Upgraded water treatment tech gives operators multiple options

By Patrick C. Miller | September 12, 2018

Monarch Separators—a subsidiary of Water Standard based in Houston—has upgraded its H2O Spectrum technology to strengthen the company’s focus on unconventional oil and gas operations.

The water treatment platform provides operators with multiple produced- and flowback-water treatment options, ranging from disposal, recycling and reusing, or treating for safe surface discharge. Water Standard has added a low-cost alginate flocculant, coupled with Monarch Separators' unique separation technologies. The H2O Spectrum platform offers higher performance while remaining cost effective, according to Water Standard.

Lisa Henthorne, Water Standard chief technology officer, said that with more than 3 million barrels of water produced daily in the Permian Basin, it can be difficult for operators to manage such volumes, especially when relying on disposal alone. The company has tested the H2O Spectrum platform throughout the U.S. and is currently active in the Permian, Denver-Julesburg, Delaware and Powder River basins.

“The results speak for themselves with recycle and reuse options of under 7 cents per barrel—all all-in chemical costs—and safe surface discharge solutions for under $1per barrel—all in equipment and chemical costs,” Henthorne said. “These lower costs allow operators the flexibility to reuse the water within their frack operations or opt to discharge the water safely back into the environment for other uses."

Performance from testing a range of challenging inlet water quality with turbidity up to 700 NTU have resulted in treated water for reuse and recycle with turbidity of <2-4 NTU, oil in water down to less than 2 mg/L and iron removal to less than 1 mg/L. For more extensive surface discharge treatment, the H2O Spectrum platform can achieve 100 percent BTEX and TOC removal, along with 99+ percent salinity reduction. It has also passed the whole effluent toxicity (WET) tests required for safe surface discharge.

"The success of our testing has resulted in collaborative partnerships with large E&P operators, midstream companies and various water treatment service providers to reduce salt water disposal and the subsequent loss of freshwater resources,” Henthorne said. “Reusing the water for operations or treating it to levels that allow the water to be returned to the water cycle is at the heart of what we do.

Water Standard is a global water treatment specialist, delivering solutions and services to the energy industry. The company specializes in compact modular systems and mobile onshore and offshore facilities. Monarch Separators focuses on the design, engineering and manufacturing of separation technologies for the removal of oil and solids from energy industry produced- and flowback-water.