Target Lodging accelerates growth in the Permian Basin

By Target Lodging | July 16, 2018

Target Lodging, a global leader in remote accommodations and the largest provider of turnkey workforce housing and hospitality in the U.S., announced today the completion of a widespread expansion initiative in the Permian Basin and another phase of capacity expansion.

The market-driven expansion in west Texas and southeast New Mexico adds 861 beds to its network of lodges making it the largest turnkey lodging network in the region. The completed lodge expansions along with the opening of one new lodge are as follows:

Completed Lodge Expansions:

  • Odessa East: 72-bed expansion
  • Odessa West: 150-bed expansion, a new commercial kitchen/dining facility
  • Carlsbad: 150-bed expansion, new laundry and dining capacity


Delaware Basin New Lodge Opening:

  • Skillman Station (Mentone): 489-bed turnkey facility, recreation, kitchen/dining facility

Additionally, a new 370-bed expansion initiative has been announced at three lodges in the heart of the Permian Basin:


  • Odessa West: 150 beds
  • Skillman Station: 110 beds
  • Wolf Camp (Mentone): 110 beds


“As market demand in the Permian remains strong, we continue to aggressively broaden our footprint in the region to meet the needs of our customers,” said Target Lodging president and CEO Brad Archer. “Our network solution gives our customers flexibility as their priorities and workers shift throughout the basin. To have this magnitude of expansion is a testament to the value we bring our guests in remote locations like the Permian.”

With the 861-bed expansion and the 370 additional beds announced, Target Lodging’s Permian capacity will total 3,741 beds across its expansive regional lodging platform in west Texas and southeast New Mexico.

“Our growth is underpinned by strong customer demand for our service quality and hospitality,” said Troy Schrenk, Target Lodging chief commercial officer. “Our convenient locations, premium culinary services and private rooms make Target Lodging the top choice for employers and their workers operating in the basin. As we continue to execute several planned expansions, our customers’ needs will be paramount to our business.”

Driven by the ongoing challenge of attracting workers to the Permian Basin, Target Lodging will continue to expand its lodges and locations throughout west Texas and southeast New Mexico beyond the announced growth. With the most recent initiative completed, Target Lodging now owns and/or operates 20 properties in the United States and Canada with more than 10,000 total beds in its North America network.