Meridian, Target Lodging sign letter for ND refinery housing

By Patrick C. Miller | June 11, 2018

Meridian Energy Group Inc. has signed a letter of intent with Texas-based Target Lodging to provide housing for the workers who will build and operate the company’s Davis Refinery near Belfield, North Dakota.

Target Lodging is the largest provider in the U.S. of turnkey housing solutions. Meridian, which said it soon expects to receive a permit from the North Dakota Department of Health for the 55,000-barrel-per-day refinery, called the letter of intent a preparatory step to enable the project to move efficiently into construction and operation.

“Our workforce members—the first of which will be comprised of local talent and U.S. armed forces veterans—can and should expect the very best accommodations,” said Lance Medlin, Meridian’s executive vice president of projects. “While they’ll undoubtedly be accustomed to the North Dakota climate, we realize they’ll miss the comforts of home, so we’re working hard to make up for that.”

The letter of intent establishes the terms and conditions under which Meridian will be contracting for workforce housing needs at Target’s Dunn County Lodge in support of the workforce for the initial phase of the refinery.

Jack Marshall, Target’s business development manager, said the company is ready to begin the process of housing workers at the Davis Refinery. “Our team is eager to care for their workforce the other 12 hours they aren’t on location,” he said. “Our lodging accommodations will keep their workers safe, well-rested and well-fed while on the job here in Belfield. Our responsibility is to make workers from everywhere feel at home on the job.”

William Prentice, Meridian CEO, said that although most of the permanent operations workforce will be from surrounding areas, many will be from the region and will require local temporary housing until they can relocate to Belfield. “It is impossible to expect the best of those working at the Davis site unless the living conditions are safe and comfortable, and Target has a proven track record of providing those accommodations to its clients,” he said.