From frack sand to water, Solaris expands growing empire again

By North American Shale magazine staff | June 22, 2018

Bill Zartler, CEO of Solaris, a Texas-based company that has built a unique frack sand handling, storage and tracking system, is building a new service, this time with a focus on water. The company has formed Solaris Water Midstream LLC to serve producers in the Delaware Basin.

Infrastructure to be built and operated by Solaris will help producers in Eddy and Lea Counties of New Mexico and Culberson and Loving Counties of Texas, including gathering, transporting, recycling and the disposal of produced water. Included in the first phase of the project, which was recently completed, is a 50-mile stretch of 12- and 16-inch water line that connects to multiple disposal-well facilities or other connections.

“We believe we are building the premier water infrastructure system in the Delaware Basin,” said Bill Zartler, CEO. “Our system offers operators shared infrastructure to multiple disposal wells and recycling facilities with built-in redundancies to save capital and lower costs.”

Build-out of the remaining system—which will feature more than 300-miles of high-capacity gathering and distribution pipelines—will continue throughout the year.