Jagged Peak Energy: 13 percent improvement in completions reason for best quarter

By North American Shale magazine staff | June 22, 2018

Jagged Peak Energy achieved its best quarter to date in early 2018 thanks to a 13 percent improvement in efficiency throughout its Delaware Basin wells. The company credits its ability to design a completion strategy that perfs more stages per day per crew. A licensing agreement with a 3D seismic company has also helped the company place longer and more precise laterals. The combination of better completion numbers and better lateral placement equates to a 13 percent improvement over previous quarters, according to the company. The end-result helps the company spend wiser and maintain its original 2018 plan. For the full year, Jagged Peak will invest up to $615 million, with $590 million going towards drillings and completion costs. Nearly $10 million will be spent on 3D seismic and another $25 million is scheduled for water infrastructure.