EcoStim is pushing all US shale horsepower to SCOOP/STACK

By Luke Geiver | May 29, 2018

EcoStim Energy Solutions Inc. is pushing all of its U.S. horsepower and equipment to the STACK shale play in Oklahoma. The move will create what the company is calling a super fleet that will help its producer client there concentrate on multi-well pad development and perform zipper fracks.

“In reviewing the super fleet concept, we believe the plan will allow the company to deliver more efficiencies, better margins and stronger near-term cash flow,” said Chris Boswell, EcoStim’s CEO.

EcoStim’s pressure pumping units are powered by compressed natural gas. The technology was used for the first time ever in the U.S. last summer in the STACK. The turbine-engine-powered units can be run from natural gas supplied from the field, a nearby sales pipeline, LNG or diesel fuel. At 800 pounds each, the trailer units can produce 4,500 HHP.

During Q1 this year, EcoStim completed nearly 170 stages, but the move to combine all pressure pumping equipment will help the company exceed those levels. EcoStim will remove most of its pumping units from the spot market to create the super fleet and the remaining units will be put on the pump down spot market. “We believe this plan should allow the company to deliver leading edge performance to our primary customer and increased utilization to drive higher profits,” Boswell said.

Eco-Stim is also focused on and has offices in Argentina. The main offerings for the company are linked to reducing horsepower requirements, emissions, surface footprint and providing a more streamlined and eco-friendly stimulation solution for its operator clients. The company also offers a proprietary methodology and technology that allows operators to reduce the number of stages stimulated in a well based on predictive analysis of production zones.



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