Thermo Fisher Scientific announces new two-in-one instrument

By Patrick C. Miller | May 18, 2018

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released a new two-in-one instrument that enables oil and gas industry field technicians, SCADA personnel and managers to generate, manage and interpret flow data.

The Thermo Scientific AutoXP flow computer doubles as a smart multivariable transmitter, providing a common platform for multiple applications. It uses a new flow computer that incorporates the functionality of a smart multivariable transmitter in the same unit.

"Adding the smart multivariable transmitter functionality to the AutoXP flow computer gives customers greater control and connectivity than was possible with two separate instruments," said Ben Zhou, vice president and general manager, environmental and process monitoring for Thermo Fisher. "This supports an industrywide call for more active data-driven decision-making that helps increase output while reducing costs."

The AutoXP flow computer is the newest addition to the Thermo Scientific AutoSeries family of flow measurement instruments. It’s built for use in the harshest environments of downstream, midstream and upstream operations for both gas and liquid applications.

The AutoXP is designed for greater reliability over previous instruments and equips operators to acquire accurate flow data from a variety of primary devices. In addition, users can transfer primary variables such as differential pressure, static pressure and temperature data to remote devices. It can also be networked into existing systems via an onboard ethernet port. To simplify upgrading and need for maintenance, the instrument is comprised of only four main hardware components.

Other features of the flow computer include:

•           Bluetooth connectivity, enabling users to access the instrument remotely without exposure to hazardous materials;

•           Infrared sensors, which allow for menu operation without removal of the end cap to maintain safe operation;

•           Compatibility with the Thermo Scientific AutoCONFIG software platform. This incorporates updated standards for hydrocarbon measurement calculations; and

•           Compliance with Class I Division 1 hazardous location requirements.