Energy intelligence firm now offering in-house databases

By Luke Geiver | May 01, 2018

From drilling insights to completion information, data companies are providing every sector affiliated with unconventional oil and gas development with a new and enhanced understanding of North American shale. This week, a long-tenured energy intelligence firm announced it will give more than it ever has to clients in the industry. Below is a short announcment from Calgary-based RS Energy Group regarding its plans to share its in-house data that it used to build models and assumptions. 

The announcement:

RS Energy Group, a leading provider of energy intelligence and investment research, announces the release of the trademarked RS Core, the only solution to digitize and deliver 20 years of RSEG’s intelligence to clients, in seconds.

“There’s an enormous market need for trusted, highly-technical advanced analytics and we are excited to lead the charge,” said RSEG co-CEO, Manuj Nikhanj. “Customers have always requested access to the data behind our intelligence and now we’re placing it at their fingertips with RS Core.”

Available through the trademarked RS Prism platform, RS Core allows customers to access type curves, geologic and petrophysical analysis, spacing, well costs, economics and much more. RSEG’s cleansed data serves as the foundation of RS Core™ . This means that our team of analysts correct outliers, fill data gaps and scrub misreported information before it is exposed to our clients or used in our predictive models.

“It wasn’t about a race to the finish with this solution,” Nikhanj said. “It was a methodical process that started with ensuring we had the absolute best and most complete data before building the advanced and predictive analytics on top of it.”