Telling The Same Story On Well Completions

By Luke Geiver | May 14, 2018

Of all the segments within the unconventional oil and gas industry that have undergone the most change in the past decade, it is possible that none has evolved more than the hydraulic fracturing sector.  As our team has done in the past, we’ve devoted an entire issue this year to the topic of hydraulic fracturing, well completions and pressure pumping. We’re happy to say we’ve provided new intel and fresh stories on the topic through feature pieces, research papers and updates from frack service providers that are now one-year public.  Despite all the new information, once again, a major theme can be used to describe the sector: there is constant progress in performance.

In Staff Writer Patrick C. Miller’s piece, “A Full Spectrum Of Downhole Solutions For Shale,” it is clear that downhole tool providers working for the perforation sector are not only successful at providing the right tools at the right time, they are also innovating no matter the oil price. Miller spoke with several downhole tool makers about their offerings and what makes them unique. Each one provided a different perspective and explanation of vastly different tooling options. Miller summed up his piece with a spot-on description of the downhole segment of the industry. “What’s clear in the world of downhole tools is the need for efficiency and cost reduction continues—even in tough times—and that innovation and technological advances are continuing—even as oil prices rebound,” he wrote. Check out the full story to learn more about the makers and their tools.

Through our conversations and interviews with multiple data, software and simulation companies we were able to uncover a new sector of the well completion industry that could change the basics of how a well is completed in the months ahead. Companies like FracGeo, Deep Imaging and Drill2Frac are all less than three years old, but each (in their own way) is rapidly growing due to their ability to help their clients better understand how to plan, execute or monitor hydraulic fracturing efforts. Using surface data, downhole information captured in real-time, algorithms and simulation software each firm is helping to usher in a new era of frack design. From the placement of perf clusters or diverters, to monitoring when or where a screen-out might occur, each company has a unique and exciting offering that is, as the title of the story suggests, revealing the next level of fracture optimization.

Thank you for your time and commitment to our shale coverage efforts. As always, reach out with story ideas and perspectives. We know, more than anyone, there is always more to the story of shale.

Luke Geiver, Editor
North American Shale magazine