EPA issues year-in-review report for Pruitt’s first year

By Luke Geiver | March 12, 2018

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released a report detailing the first year under current Administrator Scott Pruitt. The 37-page document outlines the current EPA’s agenda and accomplishments during the past year.

Prior to his tenure, Pruitt outlined three goals for the EPA that would help bring it “back-to-basics” according to the EPA. The objectives include:

  1. Refocusing the agency back to its core mission
  2. Restoring power to the states through cooperative federalism
  3. Adhering to the rule of law and improving agency processes

In his opening statements of the report, Pruitt outlined his work during the past year. “I committed to refocusing the agency to its core mission. Today, we are focusing on cleaning up contaminated lands, improving air quality and rebuilding America’s water infrastructure,” he said. “Finally, I promised that we would restore the rule of law. We are rescinding and replacing the burdensome waters of the U.S. rule, and we ended the harmful and wrongful practice of “sue and settle”.”

In year one, Pruitt also said, EPA finalized 22 deregulatory actions which he said saved the U.S. more than $1 billion in regulatory costs.

The full report includes sections on air, water, land chemicals, enforcement, rule of law and media highlights with each section broken down into sub-sections. The full report can be viewed here