MWD tool developer releases subsurface internet link for shale

By Luke Geiver | February 23, 2018

The addition of an electromagnetic downlink to an existing measurement while drilling tool created by Texas-based Evolution Engineering will enhance communication downhole and minimize further non-productive time. EvoOne was initially built to provide a single, reliable MWD tool suitable for every drilling situation. Designing the tooling in-house has helped the company reduce flaws. The company’s work on the EM link—which sends waves with data through the earth from the bit to the surface—puts the company at the forefront of developing what it calls the subsurface internet.

According to Evolution Engineering, the addition of the EM downlink will allow its trademarked EvoOne unified telemetry system to stay downhole for longer periods of time.

Paul Crilly, CEO, said EM telemetry is well known in the drilling industry and that it is important to formations where communication downhole is difficult.

The downlink system uses a proprietary signal receiving technology. A connection from surface to the tooling can be created in less than one minute. Tool operators can use the link to troubleshoot issues related to tool resets or reconfigurations during flow off events.

Human error can also be limited with a better link from surface to the tool, according to the company.

In August last year, Evolution Engineering received an undisclosed round of strategic financing from EV Private Equity. At the time, Matthew Anstead, partner for EV Private Equity, said Evolution was well positioned for growth in the horizontal shale plays of the U.S. and Canada where the company has enabled the drilling of some of the most extreme horizontal well bores.