DOE injects $30M into shale, oil research

By North American Shale magazine staff | February 09, 2018

The Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy will invest roughly $30 million into six shale-related projects spread throughout the U.S. Through the Advanced Technology Solutions for Unconventional Oil and Gas Development funding opportunity offered by the DOE, the $30 million will be used to “address critical gaps in our understanding of reservoir behavior and optimal well-completion strategies, next-generation subsurface diagnostic technologies and advanced offshore technologies.”

Project Breakdown:

The Next Generation of Well Cement
Total Value: $1.8 million
Scope: A proof-of-concept hexagonal boron-nitride cement composite will be made and tested offshore to prevent spills and leakages at extreme conditions.
Participants: C-Crete Technologies
Location: Stafford, Texas

Understanding The Tuscaloosa Marine Shale
Total Value: $9.6 million
Scope: To perform better assessments of the reservoir and find new approaches for developing the play’s unique geology.
Participants: University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Location: Lafayette, Louisiana

Finding The Potential of New Stacked Plays
Value: $11 million
Scope: To investigate and characterize the resource potential of emerging unconventional reservoirs in the Nora gas field of southwest Virginia, part of the Lower Huron shale.
Participants: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Location: Blacksburg, Virginia

Hydraulic Fracture Test Site
Total Value: $20 million
Scope: To evaluate well completion, design optimization and impacts of using gas-based technology in hydraulic fracturing at a test well in the Delaware Basin.
Participants: The Institute of Gas Technology, Anadarko Production Co., Shell Exploration and Production Co.
Location: Delaware Basin, Texas; Des Plaines, Illinois

Mitigating Gas Hydrate Deposition
Total Value: $1.8 million
Scope: Validating robust pipeline coatings used to
prevent deposits of hydrates in undersea oil pipelines.
Participants: Colorado School of Mines
Location: Golden, Colorado

Eagle Ford Shale Lab
Total Value: $10 million
Scope: Develop new monitoring technology for initial stimulation and production periods for an
unconventional reservoir well.
Participants: Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station
Location: College Station, Texas