DiverterSCAN tech effective at reconstructing results in real-time

By North American Shale magazine staff | February 09, 2018

Fracture maps deployed on more than 2,000 stages in horizontal wells located in the U.S. or Canada have helped operators understand the effectiveness of diverters. The technology, known as DiverterSCAN, was developed by a Houston-based team of engineers and industry vets and reduces the knowledge acquisition time for producers from 90 days to near real-time.

By attaching a simple pressure gauge to a wellhead, Reveal Energy’s team can use the pressure data to help model what is happening in a fracture cluster two-miles below the surface and provide an accurate recreation through a unique model. More timely fracture initiation and effectiveness data can help operators continue or alter a pre-determined fracture plan and diverter distribution set-up. Diverter material, made from fibers, plastics or gels, is activated with pressure or temperature downhole and can help divert frack sand and fluids from overfilling a certain fracture point or cluster along a well bore. Operators are now using the diversion technique to help more evenly place fractures and enhance overall well stimulation.