DiverterSCAN technology provides timely fracking information

By Patrick C. Miller | January 02, 2018

Reveal Energy Services (RES) of Houston reports that it has produced and delivered technology which enables an operator to increase fracking efficiency by stimulating multiple perforation clusters.

Known as DiverterSCAN, the system was developed to determine if a diverter was successfully stopping the dominant fracture in a cluster from taking most of the frack fluid. What once could take up to 90 days to determine can now be accomplished in near-real time, according to the company.

“Operators are using DiverterSCAN technology to identify and choose the diversion design that yields the best results,” said Sudhendu Kashikar, RES CEO. “With this understanding, operators are increasing hydraulic fracturing efficiency on every pad in the field.”

Operators have applied the company’s fracture maps to understand more than 2,000 stages in formations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

RES said DiverterSCAN technology enables pressure data to be acquired from a simple pressure gauge attached to a wellhead. It provides the information in near-real time at a fraction of the cost. An operator can choose an option that stimulates multiple clusters, based on the technology and the analysis by the company’s geoscientists and engineers.

The pressure data acquired from a monitor well is provided to the DiverterSCAN technology. This data also serves as the foundation for four other RES services:

-FracSCANSM technology accurately quantifies 3D fracture maps of half-length, height, and asymmetry

-DepletionSCANSM technology identifies the depletion boundary surrounding a parent well

-PerfSCANSM technology enables an understanding of pumping rate effects on fluid distribution

-ProppantSCANSM technology offers insight into the fluid system and pumping schedule.

RES said all five services are powered by simple, accurate, affordable IMAGE Frac pressure-based fracture maps that can be applied on every well without interruption to hydraulic fracturing.