Rail car data firm, proppant handler combine to help shale

By Staff | December 11, 2017

The demand for proppant during times of high oilfield activity has created several services, technologies or trends—from proppant delivery infrastructure to the opening of idled sand mines located in-basin. This month, the increasingly popular interest or reliance on data in the oilfield linked with some of those trends in the proppant sector.

Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure, a proppant supplier and transload facility developed building out operations in the Permian, Eagle Ford and the SCOOP/STACK, made a deal to buy—and integrate—a data-based company into its daily operations. Solaris will now call Alfonso Olvera its senior vice president of technology. Olvera was the founder of a data-centric service that supplied oilfield service firms with real-time information on proppant supplies along with other data on trends in that sector.

At Railtronix, Olvera helped to improve the proppant supply chain through inventory and tracking options. Solaris will now combine its own proppant management system with Railtronix to create a better system capable of helping clients in the Eagle Ford, Permian or SCOOP/STACK plays improve the reliability of proppant supply while saving time on delivery or even reducing the delivered cost of proppant.

Railtronix provides detailed and somewhat unique information on railcars, warehouse inventory, railcar originations, railcar maintenance schedules, status of shipments and other areas related to proppant transport. 

In 2010, Railtronix was featured in Inc. Magazine's Coolest College Startups of the year.