Canadian surface driller expands in Permian

By North American Shale magazine staff | December 18, 2017

Predator Drilling Inc. has found a new place to prowl. The Canadian-based drilling contractor entered the Permian Basin drilling scene in September 2016 and now it has found a way to expand. In an undisclosed, all-equity transaction, Predator has acquired the assets of Midland-based J.B. Hunt Oil and Gas Drilling. Included in the deal are six 1,000-horsepower, single-drilling rigs along with other specialized equipment. Since first entering the Permian with a single rig, Predator is now running 10 drilling rigs.

The main focus of Predator has been on the vertical section of a well. Using shallow, pre-set rigs, Predator’s team can drill, case and cement the surface portion of a well. In addition to shallow preset drilling of the vertical section, Predator also performs horizontal, directional and slant drilling services.

Shane Walper, president and CEO of Predator, calls the Permian an “exciting” market. The preset approach to drilling the vertical section of a well can save operators up to 15 percent on surface costs, according to the company.