Pipeline drag reduction agent maker expanding in Texas

By Luke Geiver | November 21, 2017

In Bryan, Texas, it is clear how important pipelines are to the hydrocarbon industry. LiquidPower Specialty Products Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Co., has announced plans to build a second manufacturing facility capable of producing friction reducers and throughput enhancers used in hydrocarbon pipelines.

LPSI intends to build a second manufacturing facility for its drag reducing agents. When hydrocarbons are placed in a pipeline they naturally create friction and drag on the walls of the pipeline. The drag and friction increases the pressure in the lines and reduces the throughput rate of the pipeline. The injection of DRA’s helps to maintain better throughput rates.

In Bryan, LPSI will now have two facilities equipped with full staffs and testing labs. According to the company, each facility is already supported by the company’s global supply chain network across the world.

“With this significant expansion, LSPI is well positioned to continue its strong history of growth, supply reliability and quality manufacturing,” said Mike Brown, CEO and president of LPSI.

LPSI invented and commercialized DRA in 1979.  The DRAs can be injected at various points along a pipeline. In addition to increased flow rates, the products also help to maintain pipeline temperatures, pressures and the life of the pumps used to move the hydrocarbons in the pipelines.