Premier acquires assets of International Sample Library

By Premier Oilfield Laboratories | November 06, 2017

Premier Sample Library LLC, a subsidiary of Premier Oilfield Laboratories, has acquired the assets of the International Sample Library located in Midland, Texas. Founded in 1957, the library has served as a key resource for regional, national and international geologists.

Featuring more than 700,000 samples from nearly 200,000 wells, the International Sample Library is the largest commercial library of core and cuttings samples. The samples are predominantly from the Permian Basin in west Texas and New Mexico.

The samples will be incorporated into Premier's existing and future Permian Basin studies. Premier clients can look forward to modernization of the facility as well as online access to the inventory of wells.

These assets will supplement Premier's existing operations in the United States and abroad, which provide access to a vast array of specialized laboratory equipment, research scientists, and work flows designed to optimize production from both conventional and unconventional oil and gas reservoirs.

"We are very excited to incorporate this well-known resource into our global solutions offering," said Matt Bell, Premier CEO. "The Premier Sample Library will continue to serve as a lending library while our team of experts conduct research that will benefit our E&P customers."    

Premier, with eight facilities on three continents, will contribute its industry-leading expertise to the combined company, including high-resolution reservoir characterization and completion optimization workflows. The combined business will support Premier's overall mission to help oil and gas companies make better exploration and production decisions by connecting the dots from samples to simulation and solutions.