Shale drilling-tech firm unites with Calgary, Houston distributor

By Luke Geiver | October 10, 2017

The MudCube is expanding into U.S. shale markets. Cubility AS, a Norwegian-based technology developer and provider that has created a solids control solution to improve drilling efficiency, has signed distribution partnerships with Calgary-based New Tech Solids Inc. and Houston-based Stage 3 Seperation.

Although the MudCube is already present in the Permian and Eagle Ford, Cubility expects to see a significant fleet of its MudCube tech enter the U.S. Using a combination of high air flow and vacuum pulled through a rotating screen—rather than the standard shaker approach used to separate mud—Cubility’s approach reduces the volume of drilling fluid lost and minimized the tonnage of waste generated, according to the company. The technology helps to reduce waste handling costs, drilling fluid costs and the need to premix materials for drilling.

Even Gjesdal, CEO of Cubility, said the technology can help play a vital role in keeping U.S. onshore drilling costs down while helping with the waste disposal process.

“With ever increasing environmental regulations, how operators handle their waste generated to meet these regulatory obligations and reduce costs will be essential to future profitability,” said Brad Banister, president of New Tech Solids.

EQT Corp., an independent exploration and production company, has already partnered with Cubility to use its technology in the U.S. Murphy Oil and Shell have each deployed the technology in Canada. Operators focusing on hydrocarbon extraction and drilling operations in the North Sea, Middle East, Far East and South America have also deployed Cubility’s products. 


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