Linde, Nissan Chemical partner on hydrocarbon recovery tech

By Linde North America | September 25, 2017

Linde North America Inc., and Nissan Chemical America Corp. have joined efforts to explore synergistic combinations to enhance downhole performance with nanoActiv HRT (hydrocarbon recovery technology) combined with carbon dioxide or nitrogen. 

"We are excited at this opportunity to collaborate with NCA," said Robin Watts, chemistry & energy program manager, Linde North America Inc. "Initial results from field applications show nanoActiv HRT particles with CO2 or N2 produces significantly improved hydrocarbon recovery. We look forward to further this collaboration to optimize this approach." 

NanoActiv HRT enables the recovery of hydrocarbons primarily through the processes of Brownian motion, diffusion-driven disjoining pressure, and fragmentation—all combined in one mechanical sweeping effort. 

"This technology enables the recovery technology to be completed faster, more completely, and with longer efficacy than any fluid technology in the market today,” said David L Holcomb, president for Pentagon Technical Services Inc. and a consultant with NCA. "With the additional use of CO2 or N2 with nanoActiv HRT as a treatment, we can see the sustained improvement in recovery."

The use of CO2 or N2 in hydraulic fracturing allows for maximum surface area to increase the flow of hydrocarbons and delivers flexibility in solution viscosity for more uniform proppant placement, avoiding blockages and keeping fractures open. Linde is the largest supplier of CO2 in the U.S and supplies Nthrough an extensive network of air separation plants.

"The combination of Nissan Chemical's technological strength in nanoparticles and Linde's expertise in oil and gas and global reach is a game changer for the marketplace," said Will Smith, senior vice president, NCA. "We look forward to continued work with Linde on nanoActiv HRT and future projects."