Microseismic firm Spectraseis to share input on proppant system

By Luke Geiver | September 25, 2017

Spectraseis, a surface-based microseismic technology and service provider, has created a new approach to help operators understand and visualize propped fracture lengths. The surface-based microseismic monitoring system can give operators the chance to “better diagnose and improve fracturing effectiveness,” the company said. At this year’s Society for Exploration Geophysicists annual meeting in Houston, the company will talk about work it has done with multiple operators.

Brad Birkelo, executive vice president of surface and seismic monitoring at Spectraseis, said the company has a co-authored paper that shows results of its new system. “We are looking forward to building on this work through close collaboration with other operators, helping them to maximize the returns on monitoring investments as the surface microseismic market continues to recover in the coming year,” he said.

To date, the company has completed case studies showing fracture network productivity in multiple Montney wells.

The company is also seeing an increase in disposal well seismicity monitoring. “We’re seeing an increasing trend in seismically active regions where neighboring operators join forces to deploy a larger array spanning multiple properties and the type of analysis we’re able to perform on these networks is really quite exciting,” said Marc Lambert, principal geophysicist.