Fracking Tweaks Yield Record Results

By The Bakken Magazine Staff | June 24, 2013

Halcon Resources Corp. is producing at record levels in the Bakken following a completions methodology tweak. The Houston-based firm has transitioned to batch pad drilling, a plug and perf completion process and started to use ceramic proppants. The changes have created a 38 percent initial production (IP) improvement in comparison to other wells completed in the company’s Fort Berthold, N.D., operating area. 

Along with other completion tweaks that include increased proppant volume per lateral foot, fracture state density and the simultaneous fracking of wells, the company was able to record its highest ever initial production rate in the Bakken formation of 3,060 barrels of oil per day. In the Marmon area, the new completions approach has also paid off. Halcon reported a 91 percent IP increase rate over other wells previously completed in the region. The new approach to fracking also has the company eyeing 462 million barrels of recoverable oil from the area, a 40 percent increase over previous estimates. 

Good news for the company isn’t just about its success with newly installed completion methods. In its most recent operational update, Halcon reported that well costs will decrease by 10 percent to $9 million per well. The decrease can be attributed to pad drilling, centralized production facilities and its proven completion methods. 

In total, Halcon is involved with 105 Bakken producing wells and 9 wells that are undergoing completion. The company also has 32 Three Forks producing wells with another five wells in the completion stage.