Novel gas lift maker explains benefits to shale producers

By Staff | July 05, 2017

Bill Quinlan, founder of a technology company that has designed and created a unique production lift offering for unconventional oil and gas operators, explains why his technology is particularly beneficial to producers in the Bakken.

Quinlan will be a part of a panel discussion, “Enhancing Near- and Long-Term Bakken/Three Forks Well Production Curves,” at the 2017 Bakken Conference & Expo. 

To start, can you explain the main service and/or technology you provide to the oil and gas industry? 

Horizontal Lift Technologies offers a novel gas lift approach which is specifically designed to efficiently produce horizontal wells.  The complex deviation and configuration of lateral wellbores in conjunction with multi-phase fluids present unique challenges for the effective production of horizontal wells.  Horizontal wells act as long horizontal separators which stratify less dense produced gas above liquids.  This results in wells that preferentially produce gas, which hampers the ultimate recovery of oil.  To address this challenges, HLT has developed an adaptable artificial lift system which has been proven to maximize the ultimate production recovery from horizontal wells. 

How are your offerings beneficial to Bakken related operations? 

The Dual Lift System (DLS) is the only gas lift design engineered to boost production from the lateral well section while providing an efficient means of lifting liquids throughout the curve and vertical portions of the well.  The DLS effectively enhances the production velocity throughout every foot of lateral, curve, and vertical wellbore section, eliminating slug production and liquid loading.  In addition, by offering two independent gas lift stage, the DLS can be tailored to deliver variable gas lift rates where needed within the well to ensure maximum production and to adapt to changing production conditions.  Lateral peaks and valleys which generally hamper production are effectively handled with the DLS.  In addition, the DLS offers the ability to spot fresh water or chemicals across the lateral section, enabling operators to treat and stimulate their productive lateral sections in conjunction with daily operations.  Many DLS installations have been in continuous operation in excess of five years due to the systems features and adaptability. 

What are your company’s goals for the next two years? 

HLT has an immediate goal of expanding its technology application within various lateral plays, both conventional and unconventional, throughout the United States and Canada.  Our focus is to work with operators to review production challenges and to provide applications which enhance recovery and lower operating costs. 

What has you excited or interested in the Bakken, or, other shale plays? 

The Bakken shale, in conjunction with other current North American oil and gas plays, has created a technical revolution in the production of oil and gas utilizing horizontal wells.  The application of artificial lift now needs to evolve in order to effectively address the challenges presented when producing multiphase fluids from long lateral sections.  The DLS offers a means of addressing these production challenges and to further evolve with the Shale Revolution.